About Us

Finally a center of physical activities and fun in Outaouais!!

Who we are ?

Family business managed by experienced owners in child education and youth well being.

Our Mission

Gather families and youth with a unique concept of health and amusement combined activities that helps increasing Adrenaline.

Our mission is to offer persons of all ages, unforgettable experiences through safe entertaining games where they can burn calories while having fun.

Limit the youth addiction to videogames and compensate for the lack of physical activities at schools.

Our customers

  • Everyone is welcome
  • Birthday and special celebration groups
  • Corporate, sporting and cultural groups
  • Schools, daycares and day camps
  • Associations and organizations
  • Persons on therapy and preadaptation


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Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate your event?

Give this mission to Adrenaline +

We offer a large choice of activities and packages that will make the younger ones and the older keep beautiful souvenir of their event.



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