About us

Our company is much more than just a family business: it’s led by passionate
and experienced owners in the field of youth education and well-being.

Our mission

We are here to bring families and young people together around a simple concept: fun and healthy activities that provide an adrenaline rush! Our mission is to offer unforgettable experiences for all ages through entertaining and safe games that allow physical activity while having fun.

Our clientele

At Adrénaline+, everyone is welcome! We’ve created an entertainment universe to cater to the tastes and needs of everyone, regardless of age or preferences:

  • Party groups and special celebrations
  • Corporate, sports, and cultural groups
  • Schools, daycares, and summer camps
  • Associations and organizations
  • Individuals in therapy and rehabilitation

Our Values

As the owner of Adrenaline+, I place family at the heart of everything. Our commitment to unwavering safety and the physical well-being of the young and old defines every experience we offer. Here, every smile bears witness to our dedication to these essential values.
Ibrahim Nader, Owner


At Adrénaline+, we are much more than a business: we are a family determined to create unforgettable memories and bring hearts together through play!


Adrénaline+ focuses on both physical and mental well-being by offering a range of entertaining and secure games that combine fun and physical activity.


Adrénaline+ provides unforgettable experiences for all ages through entertaining and secure games. We place great importance on rules of conduct to ensure that every family can fully enjoy their experience with us.

Our Team

Ibrahim Nader


Juliette El-Hajj


Cynthia Nader


Thea Nader


Chanel Hajj

Marketing Coordinator


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