F. Q.j.

What is a waiver of liability?

To be eligible to participate in Adrenaline’s activities, participants must complete and sign Adrenaline’s legal discharge of liability. Players under the age of 18 must have the discharge of responsibility completed by a parent or guardian or a person appointed by the Court. We reserve the right to verify the identity cards of the accompanying persons. You can fill out the dump online.

Do I have to pay if I don't play?

Visitors (non-players) pay a one-time fee of $4.95 plus tax. This fee will be applied to games if the visitor changes his mind and decides to play during the same visit.

How to reserve for an event?
  • Choose your package,
  • Click Book Now
  • Fill in and sign the discharge for your child and the children accompanying you.
  • Make the payment


Is there a minimum age for playing?

No, absolutely not. Anyone can participate in the Adrenaline Zone activities. People 3 years of age and older can participate in all laser games.

What should I wear for playing?

For games, the wearing of non-slip stockings is mandatory, available for purchase at the counter.

Sports shoes are highly recommended for laser-tag. Clothing with sharp objects and personal belongings will be prohibited in playgrounds.

Where to store my personal belongings?

A changing room space is available, you can leave your coats and shoes there at no cost.

Paid lockers are available for your valuables.

Are food and beverages from the outside permitted?

No food or drink from outside is permitted inside our facilities. Please check out our online snack menu.

No food or drink will be allowed in the playgrounds.

Should I reserve for the games?

To guarantee your place, it is highly recommended to book online or by phone for groups of 8 or more.

Bookings for birthday parties of 4 or more people are mandatory.

Do I have to accompany and supervise my child?

Children under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 and over). Discharges must be filled out and signed by a parent, guardian or court-appointed person.

You can fill out the dump online or on site.

For daycares, schools or groups, parents or caregivers must fill out the online landfill or premises.

It is very important to monitor your children and ensure the enforcement of regulations.

Is there a danger in using the games?

Our equipment complies with ASTM standards and is regularly inspected and maintained. Players must follow safety rules and be monitored. As in any physical activity, there are risks, accidents can occur. The most common accidents are scratches, bruises and minor strains on the ankles.

What are the opening hours?

Check the Contact/Schedule tab to find out our opening hours.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?


If you have to cancel, we will be happy to book a new time slot for you in case you notify us of a minimum of 5 days before the time reserved for you and depending on the availability of seats.


Adrenaline – does not offer a refund, regardless of the reason for the cancellation or non-attendance.


Adrenaline reserves the right to cancel your booking in case of equipment failure or other event beyond its control. While it remains exceptional, this type of situation can force a last-minute cancellation. However, if we have to cancel your booking, we will establish a new one as soon as possible and depending on your availability.


Are you missing any information?

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Check out our FAQ (fair questions)


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